Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photos by Night in London, England

Nightlife in London is hopping, but very expensive. Wade and I opted for a bottle of wine at a grocery store, instead of buying pints of beer for $10 at local bars. We sat near the Tower of London, and walked across the replica of the London Bridge, singing all the way.

The subway(or underground) in London is called the Tube.

Photo of a local Pub in the streets of London, Wade likes the name.

The night lights of London from across the Thames River.

Photo of the Tower of London at Night, looking eerie under the Moon

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Melissa said...

I was in London about a month ago and I know what you are saying. The bottle of wine from the market is a great idea. Your pictures are nice. You should check out this travel site I just ran across, You can review destinations, upload pics and got info for your next trip.