Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quito, Ecuador

I spent my time in Quito, Ecuador in the International Youth Hostel. This is in the heart of the city for tourists and tourism. The locals call it Gringolandia because of the mass amounts of tourists. There are restaurants and food from every corner of the world here. There are also lots of fun littles bars and cafes. It is kind of expensive and I could not find an Ecuadorian restaurant anywhere in this neighborhood.

My friend's shabby old Backpack in Youth Hosteling International, Quito, Ecuador

The view from my dorm at the International Youth Hostel, Quito Ecuador

A fountain inside a museum, Quito, Ecuador.

The side streets of South America, Quito, Ecuador.

Pillars or a decorated catholic church, Quito, Ecuador. The inside is made purely of gold.

The streets are very narrow in Old city, Quito, Ecuador.

Global College Students, Girls in woven wool scarfs, Quito Ecuador.

View of the Panecillo from the city streets, Quito, Ecuador.

Bleeding heart, Catholic Church, Quito, Ecuador.

Old city streets are nice for walking tours, Quito, Ecuador.

Buses are a good way of transportation around the city, Quito, Ecuador.

A Protest in front of the presidents house against Latin American Free Trade Agreement with the USA (TLC) Quito, Ecuador.

The green Andes Mountains outside of Quito, Ecuador.

Anne Marie got a black eye from elevation illness, Quito, Ecuador.

Laundro-mats surround the International Youth Hostel in Quito, Ecuador. I guess lots of Backpackers need to do their laundry.

Recycling in Ecuador.

More laundromats in Quito, Ecuador.

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