Friday, May 30, 2008

Door knockers in Guatemala

There are really beautiful door knockers in Antigua, Guatemala. Here are photos of doorknockers around the city. For more on my travels in Guatemala visit my travel blog at
(Door knockers with a lion head)

Ornate lion head door knocker

Lizard door knocker and hand of fatima bronze door knocker

An array of ornate door knockers

Bronze sun face door knocker

Demon faced door knocker
Another demon face door knocker
Beautiful door knocker of woman's face
Shiny bronze hand of fatima door knocker. I think this is a Moorish influence coming from the SPanish. These hand of fatima door knockers are also popular in Morocco and the Muslim world.
A lion doorknocker

Photos of Windows and Doors in Antigua, Guatemala

I love taking pictures of windows and doors. In Antigua, Guatemala there are lots of beautiful ornately decorated windows and doors with carved wood and wrought iron bars. For more on my travels in Guatemala visit my travel blog at .

(Photo of a stained glass window with Mother Mary and wrought iron decoration.)
(Wrought iron window with red wall)
(This is a slummy window with cracked paint)
(This is the window under my hotel room window in the hotel Casa Shalom in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Photo of a motorcycle under a decorative window. For more on Guatemala visit my travel blog at
(Beautiful wrought iron and carved wooden windows. They are arched windows with cut leaded glass and original shutters.)
(Someone put wrought iron over their security speaker box.)

(Photo of hand carved wooden window frame with flowers in the window.)
(Huge, heavy wooden carved doors. Original antique doors from Guatemala.)
(Another beautiful doorway with antique handcarved wooden doors, spanish colonial style in Guatemala.)
(I like this photo of the wrought iron swirl design.)
(Old red painted doors with coats of arms on either side. Probably from Spanish families in Guatemala.)

VW Bugs, Trash Cans, School Girls and Junk Food in Guatemala

These are my pictures taken in Antigua, Guatemala in Spring of 2008. For more writing on my journey visit my travel blog at . Here are schoolgirls, tourists, VW bugs, toy cars, junk food and other photos of Guatemala.
Photo of a tourist shopping in Guatemala

Photo of hand made toy cars in the artisan market in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua is a clean city. This is a photo of a Trash can in Guatemala.

This is a nice photo of a Volkswagen beetle in Guatemala. These old VW bugs are everywhere in Guatemala and Central America.

(This is another photo of laundry washing facilities in Guatemala, where they wash their clothes by hand.)

(Here is a photo of chips and junk food in a corner store in Guatemala.)

(Photo of hammocks and other colorful textiles and cloth sold in Guatemala.)

(Photo of ruins in Guatemala.)

(Photo of a stop sign in Guatemala. They are made from painted ceramic tiles. "Alto" means stop in Spanish.)

(Photo of a street sign in Guatemala. This is also made out of a tile stuck onto the side of a building.)

(Photo of a rickshaw taxi in Guatemala. They call them tuk tuks here. The taxis usually cost about 10 to 15 Quetzales to get around Antigua.)

(These are ruins of an old spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala.)

(Photo of weird scarecrow-puppet handmade mayan people. I think they are making fun of the spanish with these.)

(Photo of schoolgirls in skirts in Guatemala.)

(Photo of a dilapidated building in Antigua, Guatemala. I really like this photograph.)

Photos of Pinatas, Gifts, and People in Guatemala

These are my photographs from my travels in Guatemala. For more writings from my trip visit my travel blog at .These are photos of owls, dolls, gift shops and people in Guatemala.
(This is a photo of a metal owl to hang on the wall.)

(Photo of a papier mache mayan demon sculpture.)
(Photo of a Guatemalan woman making street food. These are papusas, made from corn meal and stuffed with cheese. They are topped with guacamole and tomatoes.)

(photo of people in the streets in Guatemala asking for directions. Directions are hard to get in Latin America. Maybe of the countries don't have street addresses, and they will tell you "50 meters south of the store")

(Photo of Pinatas in a Pinata shops in Guatemala waiting for a fiesta.)

(Photo of a laundry washing facility in Guatemala. They wash their laundry by hand in these big basins in the middle of town.)

(Photo of a Guatemalan man who really liked me and thought I was pretty.)

(Photo of a mayan mariachi singer playing a wierd instrument.)

(Photo of Mayan dolls in a tourist shop.)

(Photo of a tourist shop in Guatemala. Here they sell lots of local, handmade gifts.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala Female Travel Blog Photos

More photos of Antigua, Guatemala. For more writing visit my Travel Blog on Lady the Tramp Travel Blog.
Here are images of transportation, horse and carriages, jeeps, and land rovers in Guatemala.

(Horse and carriage in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Horse and Buggy in Guatemala)
(Indigenous music band playing native instruments in the street in Guatemala)
(Photo of a Jeep Wrangler in Guatemala)

(Photo of a old Land Rover in Guatemala)

(Papier mache animals made by indigenous people, guatemala)

(Guatemalan man walking down the street)

(Spanish Language newspapers in Guatemala)

(People in the street in Guatemala)

(A statue of mother mary in a catholic church in Guatemala)