Friday, May 30, 2008

Photos of Pinatas, Gifts, and People in Guatemala

These are my photographs from my travels in Guatemala. For more writings from my trip visit my travel blog at .These are photos of owls, dolls, gift shops and people in Guatemala.
(This is a photo of a metal owl to hang on the wall.)

(Photo of a papier mache mayan demon sculpture.)
(Photo of a Guatemalan woman making street food. These are papusas, made from corn meal and stuffed with cheese. They are topped with guacamole and tomatoes.)

(photo of people in the streets in Guatemala asking for directions. Directions are hard to get in Latin America. Maybe of the countries don't have street addresses, and they will tell you "50 meters south of the store")

(Photo of Pinatas in a Pinata shops in Guatemala waiting for a fiesta.)

(Photo of a laundry washing facility in Guatemala. They wash their laundry by hand in these big basins in the middle of town.)

(Photo of a Guatemalan man who really liked me and thought I was pretty.)

(Photo of a mayan mariachi singer playing a wierd instrument.)

(Photo of Mayan dolls in a tourist shop.)

(Photo of a tourist shop in Guatemala. Here they sell lots of local, handmade gifts.)

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