Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pictures of Antigua, Guatemala

These are photos from Antigua, Guatemala. I stayed in Antigua for about a month. For more about my travels in Guatemala visit my blog at:

(This is a photo of carved wooden flutes. Indigenous street vendors sel these all over Guatemala.)
(This is a photo of one of the catholic church ruins in Antigua. Antigua was founded in the 1500's and still has the spanish colonial architecture to prove it!)
(Another photo of one of the catholic churches in Antigua. This one actually has a roof!)
(This catholic church is still in use. Many Mayan women congregate around this church because it has a beautiful courtyard.)
(This is a photo of a statue on the church.)
(This is a photo of the Agave Cactus plant. This is what they make tequila out of!)
(This is a very swanky tourist bar in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(This is a delivery bicycle with a sort of basket thing on the front.)
(The buses in Guatemala are all painted and pimped out. These chicken buses are pretty dangerous though!)
(Beautiful caged canaries)

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