Friday, May 30, 2008

VW Bugs, Trash Cans, School Girls and Junk Food in Guatemala

These are my pictures taken in Antigua, Guatemala in Spring of 2008. For more writing on my journey visit my travel blog at . Here are schoolgirls, tourists, VW bugs, toy cars, junk food and other photos of Guatemala.
Photo of a tourist shopping in Guatemala

Photo of hand made toy cars in the artisan market in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua is a clean city. This is a photo of a Trash can in Guatemala.

This is a nice photo of a Volkswagen beetle in Guatemala. These old VW bugs are everywhere in Guatemala and Central America.

(This is another photo of laundry washing facilities in Guatemala, where they wash their clothes by hand.)

(Here is a photo of chips and junk food in a corner store in Guatemala.)

(Photo of hammocks and other colorful textiles and cloth sold in Guatemala.)

(Photo of ruins in Guatemala.)

(Photo of a stop sign in Guatemala. They are made from painted ceramic tiles. "Alto" means stop in Spanish.)

(Photo of a street sign in Guatemala. This is also made out of a tile stuck onto the side of a building.)

(Photo of a rickshaw taxi in Guatemala. They call them tuk tuks here. The taxis usually cost about 10 to 15 Quetzales to get around Antigua.)

(These are ruins of an old spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala.)

(Photo of weird scarecrow-puppet handmade mayan people. I think they are making fun of the spanish with these.)

(Photo of schoolgirls in skirts in Guatemala.)

(Photo of a dilapidated building in Antigua, Guatemala. I really like this photograph.)

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