Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mayan Ruins in Mexico, Palenque Photos

These are more photographs from the Mayan ruins in Palenque.

Mayan Pyramids in Palenque

White tourist taking photographs in Palenque, Mexico.

Tunnels inside the pyramids in Palenque. These tunnels lead to the chambers where various noble people were entombed.

This is a crazy VW bug I saw in the streets of Palenque, Mexico. It is for a burger place and it has a huge chicken on the roof.

Here are the waterfalls in the park in Palenque, Mexico.

These are Mayan houses.

Monkeys! There were a few howler monkeys swinging through the trees in Palenque.

Path in Palenque.

Photo of Mayan houses.

Mayan hieroglyphics in Palenque, Mexico.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Palenque, Mexico Mayan Ruins Photos

Photos of Mayan Ruins at Palenque, Mexico. If you want to visit the ruins you can stay in the city of Palenque which is a few kilometers from the park. This is a quaint little Mexican village. You can get a hotel room for two people for about $20USD if you bargain with the hotels. To get to the Ruins there is a public bus that goes there. It costs 10 pesos ($1 USD) for the ride. When you enter the park you have to pay a National park fee of a few dollars and they give you a bracelet. You also have to pay $4.50 USD (45 pesos) for an entrance fee into the Ruins.

Mayan pyramids at Palenque, Mexico.

Mayan temple at Palenque, Mexico.

Stairs leading up to Mayan Temple at Palenque.

Photo of the main plaza and the pyramids at Palenque.

Mayan temple at Palenque.

Stairs leading up the pyramids at Palenque.

Buildings of the Palace of Palenque.

This square building is typical for Mayan architecture seen in Palenque. It is not really present in architecture in other Mayan sites.

Stucco mask hieroglyphics in Palenque.

Stelae scultpure of a man at Palenque.

Mayan City of Palenque, Mexico

The park at Palenque is really hot. I suggest taking lots of water because there isn't really a place to buy water inside the ruins. You could spend hours walking around the various buildings here and also visit the beautiful waterfalls inside the park.

Photo of sarcophagus where a king was buried, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan Stelae sculpture carved into palace walls, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan masks depicting gods, Palenque Mexico.

Photo of Mayan hieroglyphics, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Sculpture of a Mayan Man with hieroglyphics, Palenque Mexico.

Another Mayan Mask.

Photo of the largest pyramid at Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of a religious Mayan temple on the hillside, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of trees growing out of Mayan building. When these sites are found they are completely covered with trees like this. Archaeologists restore the ruins before they are opened up for tourists to view. They basically look like a big pile of rocks until the archaeologists reconstruct them.

photo of the plaza at Palenque, Mexico.

Photos of Mayan Masks at Palenque, Mexico

I spent a little time in Mexico and I really loved it. I visited Palenque for a few days to see the Mayan site there. Every Mayan site I have been to has such a different feel and very unique architecture. These are photos from Palenque. For more on my travels visit my travel blog at

Mayan stucco mask.

Photo of Mayan god masks made of Stucco, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan hieroglyphics carved into the walls of a palace, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan Jade Death mask recovered from Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan palace, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan stucco mask. These people had a lot of facial piercings and adornments.

Photo of the Mayan arch used in lots of Mayan architecture.

A tower in the Mayan city of Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan death mask worn my a king or noble for burial, Palenque, Mexico.

A hieroglyphic mask recovered from Palenque, Mexico.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photos of Flores, Guatemala

Flores is one of the closest towns to the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. If you want to visit Tikal this is a good place to leave from. There are many agencies that can arrange for a taxi to drive you to the park. Flores is a really beautiful little town. It is on a sort of island in the middle of a huge lake. There are lots of cheap hotels and backpacker hostels here. It is a nice place to chill out and go swimming for a few days. For more on my travels in Guatemala visit my Travel blog at

Photo of an indigenous boat on the Lake. You can hire these guys to take you around the lake and give you a tour.

Photo of an indigenous Mayan wooden boat.

Photo of Wade with his typing machine in a hotel in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of houses by the lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of the sunset over the Lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of the sun setting over the houses in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of Spanish colonial architecture in Flores, Guatemala. The government has cleaned up the city of Flores and instigated many regulations on the facade of houses and businesses here. Most of the buidlings are brightly colored like this one.

Photo of the street in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo taken from the rooftop overlooking the lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of a gun sign in Flores, Guatemala. These signs can be seen in a lot of establishments through Guatemala. It says, "Entrance of guns prohibited." Sometimes people who are carrying guns will enter these places and unload all of their guns at the door. Scary.

Photo of hammocks in a hostel at Flores, Guatemala.