Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photos of the Mayan Site of Tikal

I visited Tikal in Guatemala to see the Mayan pyramids there. Tikal has the tallest Mayan pyramid in the world. It was a major city in the southern Mayan world. It is an awesome day trip, or you can spend the night in the park. If you get there in the afternoon you can either camp or stay in a hotel at the park and you get 2 days of admission.

(Photo of a Mayan altar at Tikal, Guatemala)

(Photo of the Mayan arch. This is a very particular arch used in Mayan architecture)

(Photo of Mayan Heiroglyphics)

(Photo of Mayan houses and stairs)

(Photo of the tallest Mayan Pyramid at sunset)

(Photo of bug bites from Tikal. We did not have a tent and slept in the grass. When we woke up in the morning we had been bitten a million times on every inch of exposed skin by these strange insects that left itchy, red marks. Pobrecito!)

(Photo of a contemporary Mayan Altar. The Mayan people are still allowed to go into the site and practice Mayan rituals on this sacred land.)

(photo of Wade eating the Pyramid at Tikal)

(Photo of a modern Mayan girl visiting Tikal, Guatemala)

(My finger pointing to the Pyramid)

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