Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photos of Tikal Mayan Pyramids

Here are more photos of the Mayan Pyramids and hieroglyphics of Tikal, Guatemala. You can read more about my travels in Guatemala at my travel blog:

(Stucco Mayan Hieroglyphics)

(Photo of sunset on Mayan Pyramids, Tikal)

I thought this sign was funny. The one in the middle looks like the guy is pooping on a toilet. I think it really means no sitting on the artifacts.

Wade and me in front of the Pyramid at Tikal.

Architecture of Mayan pyramids at Tikal.

I like this photo of Tikal because it shows how it is surrounded by the jungle. There are howler monkeys and all kinds of jungle animals climbing through the trees around the pyramids.

photo of the main court of Tikal, Guatemala Mayan Site.

Photo of a Mayan Staircase at Tikal, Guatemala.

Photo of me looking at Tikal.

(Photo of the staircase leading up to the pyramids. Tourists are not allowed to climb the pyramid stairs at Tikal because they are in danger of being damaged and destroyed. Instead, you can climb these stairs to stand on top of the pyramids.

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