Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taipei Photographs

Fat Fat Restaurant in Taiwan.

Bus signs, Taipei, Taiwan.

escalator signs in Chinese.

Japanese style tea pots.

Power plants in Taiwan.

Taipei power plant.

Gate to house in Taiwan.

Lack of sidewalks in Taiwan. This has been really frustrating for me. I can hardly walk down the streets here because they are so crowded or there are no sidewalks. Places like this seem prime for being run-over my motor scooters.

Taiwanese snacks.

Taiwan Photographs, MRT Subway, National Palace Museum, Night Market

Here are photographs from the National Palace Museum, the Taiwan National Theater, The MRT Taipei subway, and Night Markets.

Lion Sculpture guarding the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.

Interior of the National Theater, Taipei.

Inside of the National Theater, Taipei, Taiwan.

Food Stand in Taipei Food Market serving traditional Taiwanese food, dumplings, noodles, etc., Taiwan.

Taipei clothing Market at Hou Shan Pi. Everything is super cheap here. There are racks of clothes in front of every store where things cost about $3 USD each. They wear really fun clothes here.

Handicapped seats on the Taipei, Taiwan MRT subway. These blue seats are reserved for pregnant, disabled, and elderly people. I can't believe it, but no one will sit here on a totally packed train.

Photo of MRT Subway, Taipei, Taiwan.

Crazy White Girl doing flips on MRT.

Outside of the National Palace Museum.

Photo of National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan Photos, Funny signs and Food Stalls

I haven't updated this thing in so long. Sorry about that. I am in Taiwan now, avidly trying to photograph everything. Here are some photos from riding the buses in Taipei and food stalls in the night markets and on the street. For more about my journey in Taiwan visit

Street food vendor cooking egg dough in Taipei.

Traditional style Chinese straw hat and umbrellas

Photos of egg dough. Delicious.

Food Stalls at Taipei night market.

Hello Kitty Wine. I did not know this existed. How can Hello Kitty promote wine? Are there 10 year old girls out there buying this?

Big sculpture of a Chinese frog with coin in mouth.

Sign about Bird Flu on Taipei City bus.

Blue Restaurant with swings for seats! They serve good pasta too!

A Buddha Stupa.

Signs on the bus.