Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Bao An Doaist Temple Photos

The Front of Bao An Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Paper Money Burning Furnace. Daoists put paper money into this furnace when they go to the temple.

The Confucius Temple near Bao An Temple. This is a very famous Confucius Temple in Taipei. On Confucius day (Teacher's Day) in Taiwan, there is a big celebration for the ghost of Confucius.

Eaves of the temple.

A tree outside of the temple. Daoists try to incorporate nature into their temple designs, so there are often lots of trees, plants, rocks, and waterfalls inside the temples.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bao An Taoist Temple Photos Taiwan

These are photographs from the Bao An Taoist Temple in Taipei, Taiwan. This temple is a beautiful example of religious art and architecture in Taiwan.

Photo of a Chinese criminal getting a tattoo. In ancient China, criminals were tattooed with the crime they committed.

Photo of a Taoist Woman burning paper money. In Taiwan people burn paper money in order to make merit to the gods. The money is burned to go to the heavens and used to pay "officials" who live in heaven.

Photo of a Taoist Temple Guardian. Temple guardians are painted or sculpted on Taoist temple doors.

Photo of Bao An Temple. This is a Taoist temple in Taipei, Taiwan.

Photo of Confucian Temple. This temple is across the street from Bao An Temple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

NCCU Taiwain Photos

These are some photographs I took around NCCU in Taipei, Taiwan.

(McDonalds in Taiwan- written in Chinese Characters)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos of Long Shan Temple, Taipei

Long Shan Temple is one of my favorite temples in Taiwan. Here are a few photographs from my last visit there.

(People Praying at Long Shan Temple)

(Moon Blocks used for Divination at Long Shan Temple)

(Inside Long Shan Temple)

(Beautiful Paintings inside Long Shan temple.)

(Decorate archway at Long Shan Temple)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photos of Dan Shui, Taipei, Taiwan

These are photos from Dan shui, Taiwan. I took the red line on the MRT from Taipei to Danshui. There is a hip night market. These are pictures from my adventure there.

(Big Stuffed Animal prize in an arcade)

(Photo of Taiwanese street food- These are snacks that Taiwanese people like to eat while they are shopping at night markets.)

(These are small stuffed keychains of Patrick the starfish from Spongebob Square Pants. Taiwanese teens love "cute" things like this. They are in an arcade machine where you use a claw to pick up a prize.)

(Same as above, only this is a picture of the Pink Panther Stuffed Animals)

(Photo of a monkey riding a banana. This is on a sign for the arcade in Danshui)

(Photo of an arcade in Danshui.)

(Duck Head Soup...this is a Taiwanese street food stand where you pick all the things you want to eat and put them in a little basket. The cook puts it all into a broth to make a soup. Notice in the top left corner, you can put duck heads in your soup if you like.)

(Photo of the night market at Danshui in Taiwan. I love all of the bright lights.)

(Really Cute Fat Asian kid....everyone loves cute fat Asian kids...)

(This is another street food vendor where you can munch on chicken feet.)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Street Photos in India

These photos were taken on the street in India. I love taking street photos. There is always so much action in India, that there are about 200 good photographs on every block. Sometimes I would take street photos while riding in a rickshaw.

Photo of a Rickshaw station India. This is an auto repair shop in India.

Photo of an alleyway in Jaipur, India. That is my friend in the red skirt ahead of me. Notice how this Indian man is looking at her butt. Western girls attract a lot of attention from Indian men, even if they are modestly dressed.

Photo of a street vendor in India. This person was selling grains and potatoes and other spices.

Photo of Jaipur street, India. I like this camel!

Photo of an alley in Jaipur India. This entire alley was just filled with bangle stores. In many of the stores they will demonstrate how they make the glass bangles.

Friday, February 26, 2010

India Travel Photos Ajmer

These are photos of my trip to Ajmer. I went there to see the mosque with the tomb of a famous sufi saint. These are photos taken on the street.

Photo of Goa. This picture captures the essence of the Goa scene.

Photo of Ajmer, India.

Photo of a flower shop, Ajmer India. This Photo shop was across the street from the mosque. People buy there flowers here to bring into the mosque with them to offer to the sufi saint.

Photo of shops at Ajmer India.

Photo of people in Ajmer India. I like this photo because it shows a lot of action with the kid running down the street smiling, and the man with the bicycle loaded with milk jugs. The streets in India are never still.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tibetan Refugees in Bylakuppe Camp, India

These are photos of Tibetan refugees at a Tibetan refugee camp in South India called Bylakuppe. These are older people who left Tibet in the 1950's and 1960's when China was first invading Tibet.

Photo of a Tibetan woman gardening. This cat was just lounging on this woman's back as she picked vegetables. The woman didn't seem to mind, and she was laughing when I asked to take her picture. This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I have a soft spot for cats.

Photo of Tibetan Medicine Doctor. I visited this man's traditionall Tibetan medicine clinic at the Tibetan refugee camp. Tibetan medicine is a holistic form of medicine, that incorporates all aspects of health, including spiritual health. The diagnosis process is a lot like Traditional Chinese medicine, feeling the pulse and looking inside the mouth. The doctor may prescribe certain herbs or even meditation to cure his patients.

Photo of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Since many of the herbs used in Tibetan medicine are hard to find in India, the are shipped from Tibet. The doctor stores them like this to give to his patients.

Photo of a red Dragonfly. This dragonfly is the same color of the robes of Tibetan Buddhist monks. Could this be an incarnation of a lama?

Photo of an old Tibetan Refugee. This woman came from Tibet in the 1950's as a refugee. She was one of the original people who started the Bylakuppe camp. We visited her in her home and she told us some of her amazing story of survival.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buddhist Temples at Tibetan Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe

These are photos of Tibetan Buddhist temples at the Tibetan refugee camp in Bylakuppe, India. At the camp there are many temples where Tibetan monks live. The monks left Tibet because of religious persecution.

Photo of Tibetan Buddhism Temple in India

Photo of Tibetan Refugee camp with a Buddhist temple.

Photo of a Tibetan Buddhist Temple of Tibetan Refugees in India.

Model of the Potala Palaca Temple in Lhasa. This is a model of the main Tibetan Buddhism palace temple in Tibet.

Tibetan Refugee Temple in Bylakuppe, India.

Photo of a Tibetan refugee monastery in Bylakuppe, India. This is where the Tibetan monks live, next to the temple.