Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photos of Dan Shui, Taipei, Taiwan

These are photos from Dan shui, Taiwan. I took the red line on the MRT from Taipei to Danshui. There is a hip night market. These are pictures from my adventure there.

(Big Stuffed Animal prize in an arcade)

(Photo of Taiwanese street food- These are snacks that Taiwanese people like to eat while they are shopping at night markets.)

(These are small stuffed keychains of Patrick the starfish from Spongebob Square Pants. Taiwanese teens love "cute" things like this. They are in an arcade machine where you use a claw to pick up a prize.)

(Same as above, only this is a picture of the Pink Panther Stuffed Animals)

(Photo of a monkey riding a banana. This is on a sign for the arcade in Danshui)

(Photo of an arcade in Danshui.)

(Duck Head Soup...this is a Taiwanese street food stand where you pick all the things you want to eat and put them in a little basket. The cook puts it all into a broth to make a soup. Notice in the top left corner, you can put duck heads in your soup if you like.)

(Photo of the night market at Danshui in Taiwan. I love all of the bright lights.)

(Really Cute Fat Asian kid....everyone loves cute fat Asian kids...)

(This is another street food vendor where you can munch on chicken feet.)


Brittany said...

1) love the new blog layout

2) this reminds me of the time we were in the arcade and took all of those pictures of us and decorated them with cutesy characters.


fly said...

I love to learn about new places that I haven't considered traveling to before. I will try to visit all these places in my vacations.

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