Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shaoxing, China continued

More Photos from the trip to Shaoxing China

A bra shop and naked chinese girls in underwear

A Chinese man in the midst of a women's shoe shop

Photo of an alley in China

A Lao wei walking down the street of China

Photo of a crazy street in the market in China

Another photo of the clay pot of Chinese yellow wine, Bai Jiu.

A chinese cook making chinese food in a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Shaoxing, China

Global College took a field trip to Shao Xing, the birth place of Lu Xun, known as the father of contemporary chinese literature.

Chinese wine known as Bai Jiu is delicious! You drink it in little bowls after it is heated!

A Traditional Style Chinese Restaurant. The cook makes the food and everyone shares dishes.

This table is set up for a traditional meal. The middle of the table spins so everyone can share dishes of food and they eat with chopsticks.

Photo of a Chinese Lantern

More Photos of Bai Jiu, Chinese yellow wine. It is formented in big clay pots which are later broken open.

Photo of Chinese people eating chinese food.

Photo of the streets of China with lots of rickshaws, bicycles, and buses.

Photo of a Chinese man riding in a bicycle rickshaw in Shao Xing China.

More rickshaws in the street in China

Chinese boy tourists posing for pictures in the streets of China

Chinese medicine tourist shops. Here they sell all kinds of weird herbs and ginseng and animal parts for medicinal use.

A little chinese boy playing with chinese toys in the street.

A statue of an old chinese scholar looking at a pretty chinese girl's ass

People really like posing with this statue

A chinese boy playing with a tree

Taoist Temple in Hangzhou

More Taoist Temple Pictures

Love Vanilla Ice cream in China

A Global College student doing Kung fu Xing Yi at the Daoist Temple

Photo of Chinese Eyes

Dragon gate keeper at the Taoist Temple. The Dragon has a very important meaning in Chinese culture.

Pointed Rooftops at the chinese Taoist temple

A view from above West Lake in Hangzhou at the Daoist Temple

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Visit to a Taoist Temple in China Continued

Photo of the kitchen in China

A Demonstration of the meaning of the Tai Chi Ying Yang by a Friends World Teacher

More Photos of the Taoist Temple in Hangzhou China.

The Ying Yang Tai Chi and all of the Trigrams of the I Ching

A photo of a bird and chinese calligraphy at the Taoist Temple

Two Friends World students talking and meditating at the Taoist temple

A Photo of the outside of the Taoist Temple, It is yellow, a holy color to the Daoists.

A Photo of the inner shrine of a Daoist God,
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The Daoists have beautiful wood carvings of all colors of dragons and the phoenix

Daoist Temple, Hangzhou

Global College/ the Friends World Program of Long Island University took a field trip to A Daoist Temple in Hangzhou near West Lake. These are my pictures from the Daoist Temple.

Daoist Carvings on Trees

Daoist fish pond with Coi fish

Traditional Daoist Chinese Architechture is shown in the roof

Traditional Daoist incense burner used to make offerings to Daoist Gods

Two chinese Daoist Gate Keepers watching over the temple

A Friends World student smiles for the camera

This is a picture of our Chinese Teacher Tian from Friends World College who taught Traditional Chinese Philosophy

A Daoist garden in the courtyard to relax

More pointed roofs and chinese architecture

Another Chinese Gatekeeper to the Temple