Monday, July 21, 2008

Cojolya Association of Mayan Women Weavers

I visited the Cojolya Association of Mayan Women Weavers to learn more about traditional Mayan outfits and the people who make them, and indigenous rights in Guatemala. I interviewed the people from Cojolya and they let me take some photographs inside their museum. They were extremely friendly people and I encourage anyone going to Santiago Atitlan to visit their establishment.

Mayan People, indigenous crafts Guatemala

Here area more photographs from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. In this indigenous community in the mountains there are many people who still make and sell traditional crafts. In this region of Guatemala there is the highest population per capita of indigenous people. In Santiago the men still wear their traditional Mayan clothing, a rarity in other parts of Guatemala.

A Mayan man in traditional Mayan clothing. This consists of the short woven pants, a shirt, and a woven, embroidered belt.

Mayan crafts for sale

Painting by local artists in Santiago, Guatemala of the Lake Atitlan

Hand embroidered fabrics done by the Mayan women. They use lots of bird patterns.

More hand embroidered fabrics

An indigenous Mayan man on a traditional lake boat in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The road leading to the market in Santiago, Guatemala.

Quarter candy machines in Guatemala

Photo of traditional hand-made Guatemalan boats

A Mayan woman embroidering a shirt for sale in her shop

Photos from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

I spent a couple days in Santiago Atitlan, a small mayan village on lake Atitlan. This was by far my favorite town on the lake. It was quiet and there were few tourists. I stayed in a hotel run by a beautiful Mayan family called the Hotel San Pablo
Here are some photos from Atitlan.

Guatemalan Police

A Mayan lady carrying a basket on her head

Two Mayan girls walking down the street

Mayan wood carvings of fish

The docks at Lake Atitlan

Traditional Mayan Lake boats in lake Atitlan

Heads of lettuce in nets on the street, ready to go to market

Wade, all smiles and happy with his Choco-Banano

Me with a choco-banano!

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Photos of doors in Guatemala

Photos of doors in Guatemala:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last Photos of Chichicastenango, Guatemala

A day at the market in Chichicastenango can be a little bit hard. It is hot, and there is lots of walking. It is totally worth it though, for the amazing crafts, beautifully dressed people, and the awesome photographs!

Selling turkeys at market in Guatemala

Embroidered Mayan Shirts, the traditional tops that the women wear

A line of Mayan women walking through the market wearing the traditional woven skirt.

Straw hats for sale in the market, that the mayan men wear

A polluted drainage ditch in Antigua

Who wants travelers with diarrhea in Guatemala? I guess this is a medical study to help travelers with diarrhea...gross

Chichicastenango Market Day Photos, Guatemala

Market Day in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

Here are more photos of the Catholic Church built on the holy Mayan land. There are Mayans and Guatemalans relaxing on the stairs leading to the church.

A Mayan street vendor is trying to balance all of her merchandise on her head and in her arms as she sells them on the street in the market.

Here is a photo of a mayan family walking down the street on market day. The little girl is selling beaded necklaces and head bands.

Photo of a Mayan lady with her baby

Photo of a Mayan woman selling oranges and corn in the Chichicastenango Market, Guatemala.

I don't know who these people are supposed to be, but they look like KKK members in their hooded caps....I don't think there is a KKK in Guatemala though.

Whoops, camera got a photo of this lady's butt

Little old lady carrying a papoose through the market.

Photo of mayan baby clothes sold in the market

Another photo of the church. You can see there are mayans burning incense offerings, and lots of flowers.