Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chichicastenango, Guatemala Photographs

More photos of the markets at Chichicastenango, Mayan women, Mayan crafts, and Guatemalan food.

A Mayan woman selling baby clothes

Mayan woman in traditional costume

Mayan girl with a traditional woven wrap skirt, and a modern pink t-shirt

Mayan girls selling turkeys out of baskets in the street

Guatemalan man carrying his groceries on his head at the market

Mayan woman selling textiles on the street in Guatemala

Guatemalan people in the market at Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Mayan woman carrying a baby in a papoose on her back in Guatemala

Tourist shop selling postcards from Guatemala

Photo of Guatemalan food: rice, beans, potatoes, avocado, tortillas, and beef

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Onno said...

Many thanks for your vibrant pictures of the living mayan woman that is Guatemala. My grandfather was born in Guatemala and I have always been interested in that country and sad for its unhappy history. Your pictures prove that it is a country and people well worth caring about. Thank you for sharing these with us. They're beautiful.

onno david
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