Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ali Shan Taiwan Photos

I took a holiday weekend to Ali Shan in Taiwan. It was very touristy, lots of stuff to buy in shops. There is a lot of fruit and other Taiwanese snacks to try. There is also the Forest railroad and lots of places to hike.

Photo of Taiwanese fruit called mountain tomatoes.

Forest in Ali Shan Taiwan.

Dead Cypress tree in Ali Shan. These trees are thousands of years!

Photo of a boy cooking Sausage in Taiwan.

Bamboo Forest in Ali Shan, Taiwan.

Tourist trolley for Ali Shan sunrise tour.

Staircase on trail through mountains in Ali Shan. This is for sustainable tourism. The tourists walk on the stairs instead of on the pathway to lessen soil erosion.

Sunrise at Ali Shan peaking over the mountains. I didn't think it was very impressive, but I guess it is a big thing to wake up at 4 am and go to see the sunrise here in Taiwan.

River in Ali Shan

1000 year old eggs. These are a delicacy here. They are eggs which are formented in horse pee, covered in hay and buried. They turn black afterwards and have a very strong taste.