Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Photographs from Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Here are some more photos from Guatemala. Most of them are from market day in Chichicastenango, but a few from Antigua are mixed in. Visit my blog for more adventures in Guatemala: Lady the Tramp Travel Blog

Photo of me eating an ice cream. These are my favorite things in the whole wide world to eat. This one is strawberries and cream. If you are in Guatemala, definitely find these ice creams and eat them....usually just follow the school children to the source.

Wade eating with his hands in our favorite lunch restaurant in Antigua.

A Mayan women selling plastic ware in the market.

White American tourist, and Mayan women trying to sell them crafts.

A little mayan girl working on the street.

There is a huge beautiful catholic church in Chichicastenango. It was built on Sacred Mayan ground, so the Mayans and people from Guatemala visit this church. Here is a woman selling flowers outside of the church.

Photos of corn, corn, and more types of corn than you could ever imagine. This corn is bought in bulk and then ground up using a metate to make cornmeal. The cornmeal is then mixed with water to make the staple food: tortillas.

Photo of a mayan woman in traditional costume buying fabric.

Photo of two little Mayan girls working and selling underwear in the market.

Another photo of the most delicious Popsicle in the world.

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