Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shaoxing, China

Global College took a field trip to Shao Xing, the birth place of Lu Xun, known as the father of contemporary chinese literature.

Chinese wine known as Bai Jiu is delicious! You drink it in little bowls after it is heated!

A Traditional Style Chinese Restaurant. The cook makes the food and everyone shares dishes.

This table is set up for a traditional meal. The middle of the table spins so everyone can share dishes of food and they eat with chopsticks.

Photo of a Chinese Lantern

More Photos of Bai Jiu, Chinese yellow wine. It is formented in big clay pots which are later broken open.

Photo of Chinese people eating chinese food.

Photo of the streets of China with lots of rickshaws, bicycles, and buses.

Photo of a Chinese man riding in a bicycle rickshaw in Shao Xing China.

More rickshaws in the street in China

Chinese boy tourists posing for pictures in the streets of China

Chinese medicine tourist shops. Here they sell all kinds of weird herbs and ginseng and animal parts for medicinal use.

A little chinese boy playing with chinese toys in the street.

A statue of an old chinese scholar looking at a pretty chinese girl's ass

People really like posing with this statue

A chinese boy playing with a tree

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