Friday, September 5, 2008

Mayan City of Palenque, Mexico

The park at Palenque is really hot. I suggest taking lots of water because there isn't really a place to buy water inside the ruins. You could spend hours walking around the various buildings here and also visit the beautiful waterfalls inside the park.

Photo of sarcophagus where a king was buried, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan Stelae sculpture carved into palace walls, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Mayan masks depicting gods, Palenque Mexico.

Photo of Mayan hieroglyphics, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of Sculpture of a Mayan Man with hieroglyphics, Palenque Mexico.

Another Mayan Mask.

Photo of the largest pyramid at Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of a religious Mayan temple on the hillside, Palenque, Mexico.

Photo of trees growing out of Mayan building. When these sites are found they are completely covered with trees like this. Archaeologists restore the ruins before they are opened up for tourists to view. They basically look like a big pile of rocks until the archaeologists reconstruct them.

photo of the plaza at Palenque, Mexico.

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