Friday, September 5, 2008

Palenque, Mexico Mayan Ruins Photos

Photos of Mayan Ruins at Palenque, Mexico. If you want to visit the ruins you can stay in the city of Palenque which is a few kilometers from the park. This is a quaint little Mexican village. You can get a hotel room for two people for about $20USD if you bargain with the hotels. To get to the Ruins there is a public bus that goes there. It costs 10 pesos ($1 USD) for the ride. When you enter the park you have to pay a National park fee of a few dollars and they give you a bracelet. You also have to pay $4.50 USD (45 pesos) for an entrance fee into the Ruins.

Mayan pyramids at Palenque, Mexico.

Mayan temple at Palenque, Mexico.

Stairs leading up to Mayan Temple at Palenque.

Photo of the main plaza and the pyramids at Palenque.

Mayan temple at Palenque.

Stairs leading up the pyramids at Palenque.

Buildings of the Palace of Palenque.

This square building is typical for Mayan architecture seen in Palenque. It is not really present in architecture in other Mayan sites.

Stucco mask hieroglyphics in Palenque.

Stelae scultpure of a man at Palenque.

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