Thursday, September 4, 2008

Photos of Flores, Guatemala

Flores is one of the closest towns to the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. If you want to visit Tikal this is a good place to leave from. There are many agencies that can arrange for a taxi to drive you to the park. Flores is a really beautiful little town. It is on a sort of island in the middle of a huge lake. There are lots of cheap hotels and backpacker hostels here. It is a nice place to chill out and go swimming for a few days. For more on my travels in Guatemala visit my Travel blog at

Photo of an indigenous boat on the Lake. You can hire these guys to take you around the lake and give you a tour.

Photo of an indigenous Mayan wooden boat.

Photo of Wade with his typing machine in a hotel in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of houses by the lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of the sunset over the Lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of the sun setting over the houses in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of Spanish colonial architecture in Flores, Guatemala. The government has cleaned up the city of Flores and instigated many regulations on the facade of houses and businesses here. Most of the buidlings are brightly colored like this one.

Photo of the street in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo taken from the rooftop overlooking the lake in Flores, Guatemala.

Photo of a gun sign in Flores, Guatemala. These signs can be seen in a lot of establishments through Guatemala. It says, "Entrance of guns prohibited." Sometimes people who are carrying guns will enter these places and unload all of their guns at the door. Scary.

Photo of hammocks in a hostel at Flores, Guatemala.

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Nice pictures.You covered a wide range, like promy, nature, etc. I have visited your site and your travel post were good. Waiting for more updates.
Thanks for sharing all your travel experience.