Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photographs of Antigua, Guatemala

These are continued photos of Antigua, Guatemala, fountains, indigenous souveneirs, gifts, etc. For more on my adventures in Guatemala visit my blog at Lady the Tramp Travel Blog
(This is a photo of a fountain in the main square of Antigua, Guatemala. The mermaid statues are holding their boobs where the water comes out of.)
(This is a photo of a fruit stand where they make fresh fruit juices from oranges and mangos in Antigua, Guatemala.)
This is a photo of the garifunas. The Garifunas are blacks who were on slave ships from AFrica heading to the Carribbean. The ship wrecked and the slaves all swam to shore. They still retain their native culture and language. This is a photo of the garifunas singing and dancing to their traditional garifuna music in a restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala.
This is a photo of cheese and other assorted dairy products sold in a store in Antigua, Guatemala. It is hard to get milk here because it is so expensive. Cheese is also expensive, and they only have this white-ish rubbery kind of "fresh" cheese.
These are devil figurines carved by indigenous people of Guatemala.
Photo of woven and embroidered Mayan belts sold in Guatemala
Tropical fish in a fish tank in Guatemala. They are probably much more beautiful if you go scuba diving in the ocean!
Photo of dried flowers on a truck
This is a food stall where women sell juice and tortillas, papusas or tacos on the street. Street food in Guatemala

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