Thursday, May 29, 2008

More photos from Antigua, Guatemala

These are more of my photos from Antigua, Guatemala. I really love this little town. It was a little expensive though due to the influx of heavy tourism. For more on my trip there visit my blog at Lady the Tramp Travel Blog
This is a photo of a corner convinience store in Antigua, Guatemala. They usually call them puperias in Spanish.
This is a sexy cowboy with a horse in Guatemala.
(I think this car had a little bit of trouble. People here seem to drive junked up metal on wheels.)
(Photo of the dancing Pharmacist in Antigua, Guatemala. This guy is everywhere! There is a chain of pharmacies in Central America that always has a guy in a big pharmacist suit dancing outside. I saw another one in Mexico.)
(These are really awesome carved skeleton and devil souveneir figurines. They were all hand carved by mayan indigenous people.)
(This is a photo of a pot shaped and painted like a jaguar.)
(This is a wall hanging of clay owls.)
(This is a photo of the clock tower in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Photo of Coke and Pepsi bottles in Guatemala)
(Photo of a coco cola truck in Antigua, Guatemala.)

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