Thursday, May 29, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala Female Travel Blog Photos

More photos of Antigua, Guatemala. For more writing visit my Travel Blog on Lady the Tramp Travel Blog.
Here are images of transportation, horse and carriages, jeeps, and land rovers in Guatemala.

(Horse and carriage in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Horse and Buggy in Guatemala)
(Indigenous music band playing native instruments in the street in Guatemala)
(Photo of a Jeep Wrangler in Guatemala)

(Photo of a old Land Rover in Guatemala)

(Papier mache animals made by indigenous people, guatemala)

(Guatemalan man walking down the street)

(Spanish Language newspapers in Guatemala)

(People in the street in Guatemala)

(A statue of mother mary in a catholic church in Guatemala)

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Luxury Traveler said...

When you get to visit Antigua, don't miss to visit the beautiful Carlilse Bay.