Friday, May 30, 2008

Photos of Windows and Doors in Antigua, Guatemala

I love taking pictures of windows and doors. In Antigua, Guatemala there are lots of beautiful ornately decorated windows and doors with carved wood and wrought iron bars. For more on my travels in Guatemala visit my travel blog at .

(Photo of a stained glass window with Mother Mary and wrought iron decoration.)
(Wrought iron window with red wall)
(This is a slummy window with cracked paint)
(This is the window under my hotel room window in the hotel Casa Shalom in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Photo of a motorcycle under a decorative window. For more on Guatemala visit my travel blog at
(Beautiful wrought iron and carved wooden windows. They are arched windows with cut leaded glass and original shutters.)
(Someone put wrought iron over their security speaker box.)

(Photo of hand carved wooden window frame with flowers in the window.)
(Huge, heavy wooden carved doors. Original antique doors from Guatemala.)
(Another beautiful doorway with antique handcarved wooden doors, spanish colonial style in Guatemala.)
(I like this photo of the wrought iron swirl design.)
(Old red painted doors with coats of arms on either side. Probably from Spanish families in Guatemala.)

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