Thursday, May 29, 2008

Travel Photos of Antigua, Guatemala

Here are more pictures from Guatemala. catholic churches, tourist attractions, and food. For more on my adventures visit my travel blog at Lady the Tramp Travel Blog

(An old stucco catholic pope statue in the ruins of a cathedral in Antigua, Guatemala.)
(This was once a laundry washing facility where all of the washer women would congregate to do their laundry by hand.)
(These are horse and buggies waiting to be hired to drive tourists on tours around Antigua, Guatemala.)
(Photo of a sexy Guatemalan Cowboy)
(A fountain inside the Museum in Antigua, Guatemala.)

(Jelly and Corn Tortilla chips in Antigua, Guatemala. They make really yummy homemade jelly and jam.)

(More ancient ruins in Antigua, Guatemala.)

(Photo of a church in Antigua, with the Volcano in the back ground.)

(These are the food stalls of street food vendors near the market in Antigua, Guatemala. Cheap papusas filled with cheese and topped with Guacamole and yummy tacos.)

(More Spanish colonial ruins in Antigua, Guatemala.)

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