Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quitirrissi Indigenous Community, Costa Rica

Global College took a field trip to Quitirrissi, Costa Rica. This is a community of Huetar indigenous people. We visited a shaman, an organic farm, and women in the indigenous community.
(A photo of a costa rican saddle)

(photo of an indigenous farmer man in Costa Rica)

(Organic Chickens in Costa Rica)

(Global College Teacher, Emilio. He teaches Indigenous People of Latin America)

(The indigenous organic farmer)

Photo of the Traditional indigenous House of Costa Rica

(Road in the Indigenous Huetar community of Quitirrissi, Costa Rica)

(Photo of the mountains in Quitirrissi, COsta RIca)

(an organic farm in Quitirrissi, Costa RIca)

(Global College students on a Field trip in Quitirrissi, Costa Rica)

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