Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fire Dancing Photos

I met some awesome kids in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica who were traveling around fire dancing in the streets. This is my favorite type of Circus arts, and it really does look lovely at night. Here are some photos from our night flaming up the town. I have been practicing poi balls for a couple years, and I am always interested in meeting other people who perform fire arts.

(Photo of Mira spinning poi balls of fire)

(Photo of a double pyramid. These kids are crazy. The younger brother stands on the shoulders of the older brother and they spin fire with a baton)

(Photo of Baton Fire arts)

(He is only using a stick in his fire dance. I can't believe he makes such crazy patterns with it)

(Photo of his head as a flame. Wow)

(Once again the younger brother stands on the shoulders of the older, circus style)

(Dancing in a ring of fire)

(Circle of fire)

(Fire is so beautiful to paint with!)

(This is one of my favorite photos. He is juggling fire and throwing it up in the air.)

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