Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photos of Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I went with a couple of friends to Quepos, Costa Rica. We got off the bus at night, ran around looking for a hotel and could not find one. We had to take a taxi to Manuel Antonio, stopping at every hotel to find one with room for five. It was a crappy trip actually, and Wade and I ran away from the other students.

(Photo of the Bus stop at Quepos, Costa Rica. It is cheaper to stay here than in Manuel Antonio. There was a good backpacker's place.)

(Photo of a man selling green mangos with salt.These are delicious)

(Photo of a Japanese traveler in Costa Rica. Nice kid)

(Photo of a naked man standing on the beach. Actually it is just wade, and he is wearing his underwear)

(My red traveling shoes)

(Photo of the Beach at Manuel Antonio. On one side it is crowded and ugly, but on the other side it is empty and beautiful.)

(Photo of a Krishna tattoo on a leg)

(Photo of my tattoo on my shoulder)

(THe airplane restaurant in Manuel Antonio.)

(THis airplane restaurant is in between Manuel Antonio and Quepos on the hill. It is very expensive though.)

(Vendors in Manuel Antonio selling local crafts.)

(Monkey in a tree in Manuel Antonio)

(Photo of a monkey on the beach in Manuel Antonio. They are very friendly.)

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