Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coffee and Sugar Plantations, Archaeology in Costa Rica

Here are more photos from Turrialba and Guayabo archaeology site. The archaeology site is actually very large, with many stone structures. It is believed that Costa Rica has no archaeology remains, but this is just a problem with excavation and permission. Most of the sites are on private property, so archaeologists are not allowed to excavate them. Guayabo has a huge cobble stone road and many stone structures, worthy of recognition as awesome sites.
(Photo of Sugar cane growing on a plantation)

(Aerial view of the Guayabo Archaeology Site)

(Cobble stone road at the Guayabo archaeology site)

(A waterfall in the mountains of Costa Rica)

(Photo of stone structures at Costa Rica archaology Site)

(Stone mounds at Costa Rica Guayabo Archaeology site)

(Photo of Leaf Cutter ants in Costa Rica)

(Photo of red banana plant and flower in Costa Rica)

(Photo of Cows in the road in Costa Rica, blocking traffic)

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