Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photos of Turrialba, Costa Rica

These are photos from a trip to Turrialba, Costa Rica. The is not much to look at, but the surrounding area is beautiful. You can go walking up in the hills for hours around the town. Just head out on the road and ask a farmer to point you in a direction. All the campesinos are friendly and will walk with you down paths through coffee plantations and horse ranches. Also, check out the Guyabo Archaeology Site, not far away. Take a bus from the main bus terminal for a few colones. Once you get to the park, try to get in for the local price. Tell them you are a student at one of the Universities and they should let you in for the local price.

(Archaeology ruins in Guayabo)

(Photo of a banana flower.)

(Photo of Wade by a river)

(Photo of a trail through sugar cane farms)

(Another hiking path through farms)

(A sculpture from the Costa Rica archaeology site)

(A trail in the grass left from army ants)

(A coffee plant at a cafetal coffee plantation in Costa Rica)

(A Photo of me with coffee plants)

(River in Costa Rica

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