Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Playa Uvita and Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Playa Uvita is just south of Dominical. Only local people go to this beach. There is a large national park and a beautiful beach. There is a waterfall nearby run by germans. It is a great place to swim where you can jump off the falls into the water.

(This is a photo of the German-run waterfall)

(photo of rocks and waterfalls)

(Wade looks like a squid)

(WAde is happy to be naked and wet.)

(Me and the Waterfall)

(A boat on the Beach in Playa Uvita Costa Rica)

(Photo of the beach at Sunset, Playa Uvita, Costa Rica)

(Photo of the sunset over the Pacific at the beach Costa Rica)

(The beach at Playa Uvita in the day time)

(Photo of My boyfriend on the beach in Playa Uvita, Costa Rica)

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