Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photographs of The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

These are more images of my trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

These are my friends from Friends World/ Global College on the river boat in the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

This is a view of the river from our boat. The traditional indigenous boats are dug out canoes.

There have been modification on these boats from the original dug-out canoes. Now they drive motor boats to haul tourists around the river. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

This is my cabin in the jungle. It had running water, but no electricity. The indigenous do not have access to electricity so far into the jungle, Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

This is the frame structure for another indigenous hut in the jungle, Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador.

This is our indigenous guide walking through the jungle in the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador. He showed us many herbs and plants with medicinal value, as well as indigenous food sources. We also saw monkeys, bullet ants, and other wildlife.

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