Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leon, Nicaragua

These are pictures from Leon, Nicaragua. Here we visited slums, experienced the nightlife, and visited NGO's.

Slums in Rural Nicaragua

This is an archaeology site outside of Leon. All of the Natives here were killed by the Spanish and fed to the dogs.

The sexy Girls in short skirts in Nicaragua

Volcano in the jungle, Lake Nicaragua

Umbrella on the ground, Nicaragua

In November there is a festival called La Gigante. The boys in Nicaragua make big puppets, the giant and the small man. The play drums in the street and beg for money.

Paper mache giant, La Gigante. Outside theater show, Nicaragua

Trash dump and land fill in Nicaragua

Children Dancing in the street, Nicaragua

Land fill


Maya said...

Your travels look like they have been fun, but I worry that you see the people of Leon as simply impoverished and lacking in dignity. I've spent a lot of time there and I see it very differently.

In my opinion, the use of the word "slum" is offensive. You probably wouldn't like it if someone used that word to describe your home or neighborhood, even if it were very poor. And, anyway, slum is a relative term. The street you call a slum is the kind of street many, many Nicaraguans live on. A slum in Nica is a place with houses made of cardboard and plastic, not concrete blocks.

The giant puppet is a "Gigantona." The children are performing a popular kind of folklore performance for money. I wouldn't call this begging. It's actually a real skill to do this kind of performance, something passed down through the generations, and making and maintaining the puppets is a lot of work. This is a lot different than kids just asking for money!

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