Monday, November 12, 2007

Tortugero, Costa Rica

How to get a coconut
Tortuguero, Costa Rica is a magical place. It is a sort of island, with sea on one side and a river on the other. It is on the Caribbean (Atlantic Ocean) coast of Costa Rica and is inhabited by Garifuna language speakers and Rastas. I stayed in a little bungalow owned by a young rasta named William. He will give his heart and soul, and do anything for you if you befriend him.
It is also a nesting beach for Ridley Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles. Guides will take you to the National Park to see them laying, nesting, and hatching, depending on the time of year.

Strange green jungle fruit

Ashley made a friend: the green lizard

One day this child will be a boat maker if he does not chop off his fingers with the saw!

Closed Eyes

My Turtle Hunter Face

The small island of Tortugero is only accessible by boat. You can take one from Moin up the river. There are no cars on the island. The wildlife is exquisite on the way up.

Howler monkeys live in the trees along the banks of the river in Costa Rica.

Going to the Beach

Joking around

How to Catch a Coconut!

Josh shows off his skills with a pole trying to pry off a coconut!

Me enjoying the bounty of Josh's attack on the coconut tree


Fire Dancing and Poi Balls on the Beach

Beach Party Fire

Swinging on a tire swing at the beach

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