Saturday, November 17, 2007

Otavalo, Ecuador

I spent a couple of days in the little mountain town of Otavalo, Ecuador. This town is still mostly indigenous. We visited NGOs that work with indigenous peoples. This included a medical center where they practice western medicine as well as alternative indigenous medicine (herbal medicine, mostly). There are two volcanoes which can be viewed from the city, one is the father and one is the mother.

Mountains and Volcano, Otavalo, Ecuador

Middle of the World, Equator, Otavalo, Ecuador

Mountain sheep in Otavalo, Ecuador. The indigenous use their wool to weave beautifully colorful textiles.

A road stop on a bus trip to Otavalo, Ecuador.

Volcano view from my youth hostel window, Otavalo, Ecuador.

Roof tops in the city of Otavalo, Ecuador. I went here during carnival. All of the kids drop water balloons from the windows.

The street view from my hotel window, Otavalo, Ecuador.

An indigenous woman on railroad tracks, Otavalo, Ecuador

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