Monday, November 12, 2007

Palmichal, Costa Rica

These pictures were taken in the tiny mountain region of Palmichal, Costa Rica. Here there is a community of organic farmers who are using alternative farming methods, such as composting and using the all mighty bio-digester.

This is a typical Costa Rican ox cart, beautifully painted and reminiscent of days of antiquity. It is a national symbol for Costa Rica.

I ditched class and climbed trees in the rain forest instead.

A typical Bio-digestor. Animal feces is collected (there is a pig/cow pen in the background) from the stables. it is then put under this big black tarp. After a little time for decomposition, the bag bloats with methane gas. The gas is then funneled into a small pipe with a valve. The pipe goes into the house and can be harnessed for hot water heaters or stoves. Cool!!

This is me and my beautiful nikon camera.

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