Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slums, Nicaragua

We visited NGO's in many slum towns.

A skinny work horse in Nicaragua

This school is funded from NGOs such as the lions club.

The NGOs provide money to students so they can go to school. These students are very poor and many do not even have housing.

The girls and boys are still very happy and play together.

These are the water barrels that the students drink from. They are not hygienic and sanitary conditions are very bad in Nicaragua.

This is a neighborhood where we helped to build houses. It is like Habitat for Humanity. The NGO is called Casa de La Mujer, and it helps women in Nicaragua.

Laundry is hung to dry because dryers are too expensive in Nicaragua

This is one of the houses built by the NGO.

A young girl who lives in the slums

A baby in a hammock, Nicaragua

A slum street scene in Nicaragua

Slum houses made from aluminum and trash bags. This is where many of the students live.

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