Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photos of London, England by Day

Before venturing to India in 2006, Wade and I took a stopover in London, England. It felt very right to visit the UK before visiting its colony of India. Basically we just walked around all over London, saw a few sites, somehow walked right passed Big Ben without seeing it, and dug into the old romance of the Thames River and the old alleyways of London.

Photos of Canals and Houseboats in London, England

Photo of the Thames river. If i would have looked the other direction I would have a photo of Big Ben instead of this.

Wade, looking greasy and gross on the tube in London. I like the London underground! Mind the Gap!

Photo of the Ferris Wheel on the Thames River, London. What is this thing?

The Quaint streets of London, and Wade smashing it up like a punk rocker!

See what I mean? OI!

Photos of Trains in Paddington Station, London

More Canals and Boats in London, England

I went to Paddington Station to find an old friend of mine: Photo of Paddington bear, waiting for a train, London, England

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