Monday, November 12, 2007

Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Global College took a field trip to visit the big bad destructive Dole banana plantations in Costa Rica and then to visit the eco-friendly organic coffee plantations. This was in the Sarapiqui Region.

Organic Coffee Production

Coffee beans on a coffee moving tram

Students partying in a huge bin of coffee beans. The most amazing thing ever!

Dole Banana weighing in the assembly line
Most workers are Nicaraguan and work illegally on the plantations. Dole can then pay them less and they do not get benefits, and are not protected under employment regulations such as job security, health benefits, etc.

Dole banana plantations have to rotate every few years. Because of the massive quantities of chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides used in the growing process the soil is completely infertile after little time. The quality of the rivers are even worse...the river down the road from this plantation is completely dead because of the run-off.

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