Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bike Journey in Portugal

Wade and I went to Portugal for a bike adventure. We bought Bikes in Lisbon and rode off into the sunset along the coast. For more on this adevnture visit Wanderjahr Jill's Bicycle Adventure

This is our basic camping set-up in Portugal. One tarp on the bottom, one tarp on the top, and sleeping bags in between.

This is a photo of a beach outside of Setubal; where we stopped to spend the day sun bathing and relaxing.

This is a photo of the highway that we rode on along the coast of Portugal. There are not many cars, so it is a safe choice for bike riding.

The many rivers along the coastline of Portugal require many ferry crossings.

This is a photo of another ferry boat in Portugal.

This is a photo of my bicycle before I started out. It is all packed and ready, but I soon found out it was entirely too heavy and wobbly to ride. I made panniers out of a couple of bags, and used an old milk crate for a basket.

Wade is excited about heading out!

Wade is carrying less stuff, but it was still too heavy of a load.

Bald on the ferry.

Taking a break at a Miradoura in Portugal.

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