Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tibetan Refugee Art

These photos are from a Tibetan Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe, India. I visited this camp in 2006 when I was studying abroad in India. This camp is interesting because it is in southern India. Most of the Tibetan refugee settlements are in Northern India. These are photos of Tibetan Artists and Artisans at the refugee camp.

Photo of unfinished Tibetan Buddhism Tanka paintings. I visited at art studio and school where young Tibetans were learning how to paint Tankas. These are traditional Tibetan Buddhism paintings depicting gods and goddesses of Tibetan religion. The art is very exact, making sure that each paintings has the right proportions and colors and details.

Photo of a Tibetan Refugee Artist sketching for a Tanka. Like artists in other cultures, these kids were really "cool." They had long hair and earrings and wear dressed in trendy clothes.

Photo of tibetan rug weaving. The camp employed local Indian women to weave Tibetan carpets.

Photo of Tibetan Prayer Flags. This man was making Tibetan Prayer Flags at the artist studio.

Photo of Tibetan artists painting Tankas.


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