Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photos of Morocco

These are photos of Morocco, featuring photos of Moroccan women, the flag of Morocco, and mosques in Morocco.

Moroccan Woman at a mosque, Casablanca, Morocco.

Photo of a muslim woman in Morocco.

Photo of the flag of Morocco.

Photo of a tea shop in Morocco. One of my favorite things in Morocco are the tea houses. You can sit at these little cafes on the street for hours and just watch all the action go by. The waiter will bring you big pots of sweet mint tea to enjoy while men sit and chat all day about politics, Mohammad, and community gossip.

Photo of a slum in Morocco.

Photo of sheep in the countryside, Morocco.

Photo overlooking the rooftops in Morocco.

Muslim woman in the country, Morocco.

Photo of an orange tree in a garden surrounding a mosque in Morocco. There are orange trees growing everywhere in Morocco. I am not sure if anyone eats these oranges, or if they are just decorative trees.

Photo of a mosque in Morocco.

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