Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures of Morocco

Here are more photographs from Morocco of Moroccan women, funny signs, rooftops, and more train photos.

This is a funny sign I saw in Casablanca, Morocco. I am not really sure what it says in Arabic, or the French, but in English it is very funny.

Another photo of laundry drying, Morocco.

Photo of a sexy Moroccan woman.

Photo of Moroccan women wearing Muslim clothes.

Photo of a Moroccan women in a Djellaba.

Photo of a Tourist in Morocco getting off of a train.

Photo of a Moroccan man wearing a Djellaba.

Archaeology in Morocco. The architecture of Morocco is so interesting because people are living in houses that were built centuries ago. You can tell the the structures were just built over each other. In many neighborhoods there are not even maps because the streets are just twisting mazes between the houses. It was fun getting lost in these alleys, and meeting people in the neighborhoods.

Photo of roof tops in Marrakesh. I noticed that just about every house had a cable TV satellite.

Another rooftop photo

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