Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hassan II Mosque Morocco Photographs

These are more photographs of the Hassan II Mosque in Morocco. I visited this mosque on my last day in Morocco, and watched the sun set over the ocean there. It was a nice goodbye to that country.

Photo of lovers resting on a fountain at Hassan II Mosque. I can only imagine they were wooing each other with Rumi poems as they secretly met at the mosque.

Photo of a muslim woman sitting at Hassan II mosque. The mosaic tile work at this mosque is amazing. All of the building materials for this mosque came from Morocco, except for a few pieces of marble that came from Italy.

Watching the sunset at Hassan II mosque.

Photo of Hassan II mosque over the sea in Casablanca, Morocco.

Photo of Hassan II Mosque.

Photo of the sunset in Casablanca.

More sunset.

A man resting at Hassan II Mosque, waiting for the call to prayer.

Photo of the detailed stone work of the Minaret of Hassan II mosque, Morocco.

Photo of a girl sitting at Hassan II mosque

Photo of the inside of Hassan II mosque. This staircase leads down to the bathing facilities, so worshipers can ritually wash themselves before praying.

Photo of the minaret of Hassan II mosque

the sun setting at Hassan II mosque, Morocco

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