Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taoist Temple Bao An

I have a lot of photos from Bao An. Equipped with my new Nikon DSLR, I find myself taking hundreds of photographs a day. I guess I don't really know which ones to post or not. Also, Because of spacing and weird blogging issues, I think it is better to only post about 5 photos on one post. This means that I will have multiple pages for each place I go....maybe not good....maybe good....not sure...but definitely tedious....hmmmm... Anyway, here are some more from Bao An. Enjoy!

A mural at Bao An Temple. The walls of the temple are elaborately decorated with murals which are depictions from popular folk lore. It is kind of like how some churches have the stages of the cross, or other Bible stories painted on the walls.

Offering on the altar of a Taoist temple. Taiwanese people will often leave elaborate offerings on the altar of temples.

This lantern is above the entrance to Bao An temple. I really dig all the lanterns, especially when they are lit up.

Cute Baby. I saw this baby walking around the temple grounds. I thought he was cute. I also thought this turned out to be an interesting composition.

This old man was riding a bike near Bao An temple. I like photos of people. And yes, he is shirtless in the city. hmmm....

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