Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bao An Taoist Temple Taipei Taiwan

Here are more photographs from Bao An Temple in Taipei, Taiwan. Almost finished uploading all of them. Enjoy!

The roof of Bao An Temple. The roofs of Taoist temples are always decorated with folklore creatures. This one has two dragons and a red pearl in the center. The dragons chase the pearl to make rain.

Another mural in Bao An temple of Chinese folklore.

A Spirit house in Bao An temple in Taiwan.

The entire outside of the temple walls are covered in Chinese folklore paintings. This is a depiction of a scene from the Three Kingdoms, which is a Chinese classic.

This is a little fortune telling station in Bao An temple. After people pray with the moon blocks, they get a stick with a number on it. That stick correlates to a drawer that will have a fortune. You can take your fortune to the temple fortune tellers and they will interpret it for you.

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