Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pictures of France

This are more of my photos from France. From the little village of Anduze in the south of France, I walked all around the countryside. There are miles and miles of vineyards growing grapes for wine. I also found many old castles, nestled along the hillsides. I would sometimes drive into Nimes, which is the closest city. This tiny city is home to beautiful French architecture dating back hundreds of years. They also have a lot of Roman ruins from the time of the Roman Empire.

Grape vineyards for making wine in France.

Train tracks at the Train station in Nimes, France.

The stain glass above the doors of the church has the design of the Rose of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were very active in the South of France, and most of the churches here have some sort of associated designs in their architecture.

Small village streets in Anduze, France

Photo of Anduze, France taken from the surrounding Mountains. Anduze is known as the gateway to the Cevennes, where this mountains range begins in the south of France.

Carousel in France.

Christmas in France. It was beautiful to be in France during Christmas. All of the tiny streets were decorated for Christmas, and markets were set up, with artisans selling home made crafts. For Christmas Eve, the town of Anduze had a big celebrations in the town square, where Santa visited the children, and everyone drank warm spiced wine and apple cider.

An old castle in the mountains in France. One day while I was hiking I found this dilapidated castle nestled in the vineyards.

French castle.

Picture of the Castle in France from far away.

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