Saturday, March 29, 2008

Panama Canal Photo Blog

These are my photos from my trip to the Panama Canal in Panama City. I went to the Mira Flores Locks to watch the boats and ships pass through the locks. It is really interesting to watch how the locks work. Water is slowly let out of one side, into the other side of the lock, taking the ship down to the level of the other lock. The sea level on either side of the Canal is different because it is placed in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. For more details about my trip visit my blog at : Wanderjahr Jill Travel Blog

(A Photo of a ship being fixed by an ocean crane at the Panama Canal)

(Photo of tour Boats passing through the Panama Canal)

(Photo of Panama Jack at the gate of the Panama Canal)

(Photo of the Lock house in the Panama Canal)

(Photo of a ship in the Locks of the Panama canal)

(Photo of the level of the Panama Canal)

(View of the Panama Canal from the Canal Museum)

(Photo of the Panama canal Lock House)

(Photo of the Panama Canal tramway)

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